Women T-shirt EASY with short kimono sleeves

Women T-shirt EASY with short kimono sleeves

by Picolly

t-shit, women, mujer, camiseta, kimono

patronesdecostura presents you with this pattern made by Picolly with which you will learn to do a Women T-shirt EASY with short kimono sleeves step by step, in an easy and simple way.

This is a tutorial to make a lovely pattern of t-shit to sew with clear and detailed explanations and also accompanied by various photos that will guide you during the creation of your work.

If you like women, we encourage you to not hesitate and make it since it is designed so that it can be done by both a beginner and the most advanced of the students.


But if this was not the pattern you were looking for, don't worry, we are sure that you will find it at patronesdecostura. You just have to keep surfing our website.


We have no doubt that you will manage to create a project equal even better than the original one. Cheer up!

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-Women T-shirt EASY with short kimono sleeves is easy to sew and great for various experiments. -You can sew a variant with or without a tie, with wide hems, contrasting hems, or simple hems. -The T-shirt is loose-fitting. -This pattern is available in sizes 32–62 (size charts are in the gallery). -After purchase you will be able to download a PDF A4 pattern showing all sizes without seam allowances, a PDF file containing general info, and a ZIP file. -The ZIP file contains other versions of the pattern (A4 pattern in individual sizes with seam allowances outlined & A0/A1 pattern showing all sizes without seam allowances) and a sewing guide for your new pattern. -Read the PDF file containing general info, where you can learn how to open the above-mentioned ZIP file. -When printing your new pattern, be sure to select "Poster" and "100% scale/size" to print the pattern correctly. Pattern set & children's version of this pattern: -You can get this pattern for women's T-shirt as part of a pattern set, which also includes children's version of the pattern: https://etsy.me/2QJ5mUV -You can find the children's version here: https://etsy.me/3eeLPEw Sewing instructions: -Sewing instructions for various variants of this T-shirt and instructions on how to modify the pattern for sewing tunics can be found here: https://www.picolly.com/how-to-sew-a-t-shirt-or-tunic-with-kimono-sleeves Skill level: -This pattern is very simple, so even absolute beginners should be able to handle it. Recommended material: -Use light and medium knits (elastic materials) such as cotton knit with elastane. The required amount of material: (for 140 cm / 55" wide fabric) -Sizes 32–46: 1 m (40") -Sizes 48–62: 1.8 m (71") There are three versions of this pattern: (you will receive all of them after purchase) -1st version (one size view) – PDF A4 – pattern in individual sizes with seam allowances outlined– all individual sizes of the pattern (pattern of each size shows sewing lines and seam allowances are outlined too). -2nd version (classic view) – PDF A4 pattern showing all sizes without seam allowances - all sizes are outlined “in one picture”(each in its own color) without seam allowances. -3rd version (classic view) – PDF A0 pattern showing all sizes without seam allowances. This large-format pattern does not need to be glued together. You can print it on a home or office plotter or in one of the many copy centers. -You can choose what works best for you. The advantage of the classic view (where all the sizes are shown) is that you can easily customize your pattern to fit body types in between the chart sizes. One size view saves time during preparation - you do not have to think where and how much to add for the seams, because everything is already there. Size chart: -You can learn more about sizes and size charts here: https://www.picolly.com/size-charts-womens-childrens-and-mens-clothing/